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B. Health Information

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C. Educational Qualification:

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Rules & Regulations

A. Payment Schedule:

Applicant needs to make the necessary payment as per the prescribed dates.

# Incase, applicant fails to pay training fees, and the admission would be cancelled without refund of any kind.

# DD/ pay order to be drawn in favor of “CRB Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

# Late fees of Rs 500 Per day in case of delay in payments is applicable.

B.The fee does not cover the prospectus cost, industrial visits, excursions, pocket money, extra subject/learning support, weekend trips, transportation, workshop/seminars, extra tutorial and medical expenses of any sort.

C.The fee is applicable for the Champ Online Certification Program being conducted by CRB Tech.

D.CRB Tech reserves the right to revise or amend the fee schedule, if required.

E.Given syllabus can be modified as per the requirement of the client.

F.The student is expected to maintain the discipline and decorum at all times.

G.CRB Tech reserves the right to cancel admission without any refund in case the student fails to abide by the rules and regulations of CRB Tech.

H.The fee payment should be made in due time period as notified to student.

I.It is mandatory for the student to appear for all the assessments during and after the units of the training session, and complete all the assignments by or before deadline given by the trainer.

J.Student is required to appear for interviews on the mentioned dates as informed by the placement department at locations set by the company. The student is supposed to join the organization and at any location for which he/she has been selected on the mentioned date as informed.

K.Student understands that CRBtech offers interview calls across PAN India and all the major metro cities of India. Also, that salary package and job location may vary; it is not in control of institute. It is responsibility of the student to earn higher package by virtue of performance during interview and excellent domain knowledge.

L.Student is expected to follow and fulfill the units of the training session requirement during the entire duration of program. Student cannot miss more than 2 units in a month. If student fails to inform CRB Tech coordinator and take permission about his absence for more than 3 times, this will be taken as serious behavioral issue and may lead to cancellation of agreement and without refund of fees.

M.CRB Tech reserves the right to take necessary action (civil or criminal) if student is found indulged in immoral activities.

N.Student should not participate in any political activities or form union or group and should not be part of any political gathering, during his tenure with CRB Tech.

O.It is mandatory for every student to have an internet connection with good connectivity & good streaming speed (band width at least 3 to 5 MBPS) for better understanding.

P.The admission stands cancelled in case of Data infringement, circulating CRB Tech printed, non printed or online material outside. In case of sharing Log-in Id-password, screenshots, PDF, PPT or training pattern and modules to third party or starting own competitive business similar to business model of CRB Tech or its associates.

Q.Important Information and Instructions:


I hereby undertake I have applied for the Training Program with CRB Tech. I understand that fees paid are the charges of training and not for job. Job / placement call is free service offered by CRB TECH to all the students and there is no cost involved for placements. I have read the rules & regulations of “CRB TECH” and shall abide by them in letter and spirit. I shall also abide by the rules modified or framed in future. I shall never indulge myself directly or indirectly in any kind of “Ragging” activity and will maintain the decorum and discipline at all the time. I shall pay the fees and other charges before specified dates. I shall submit my original documents for verification when informed and can be shared with employer companies. I understand that all submitted documents will be released upon completing procedure of Training and Placement program. The documents will not be returned in case of pending dues. I understand that a payment made is not refundable. I shall abide by the rules and regulations mentioned above and also mentioned in agreement. This undertaking abides me for my entire program duration.